Download and Install Instructions


FIRST: Make sure your computer meets the requirements for using our library

  • A Microsoft Windows® based computer or a virtual one in Linux, or Mac OS X
  • An activated installation of DocsPDite 2010
  • Sufficient disk space to hold the data in the "My Documents" folder (about 30 megabytes)

NOTE: We have posted step by step PDF documents showing the full installation process.   See the Tutorial menu links.

Note that our library setup file is contained in a ZIP package which must be unpacked first.   This is to make sure our site is not flagged as containing malware since our installer is not digitally signed.

To download click the button below.

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Download Our Illustrations Library

Our library is downloaded as ""   The reason for this is to prevent the enclosed exe file from being flagged as malware.   It's too costly to acquire the needed certificates to sign our installer.   Rest assured our file can't be modified and so is safe to download.

Date 12-16-2019
Language  English
File Size 21.5 MB
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