Library Requirements

Technical Requirements of Our Library

Our library requires a few basic things to work properly.

  • Microsoft Windows® based computer.   (Win7 -10)
  • Installed and activated database engine (DocsPDite 2010)
  • At least 30 megabytes of free hard disk space
  • A minimal word processor (any free package works, Libre, Open Office, etc)
  • Other word processors that work are WordPad (included with Windows), etc.

Note that if your machine does not meet the minimal requirements, our library won't work.   For Linux or Mac OS X users, the only alternative is Windows running in a virtual environment like Virtual Box with Windows running as a guest in the other operating system.

We have no plans for making an iPad version at the present time   If — a really big if — software becomes available and we can transfer the data then it will happen.   But don't count on this happening.

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